These are the vendors participating in this year's Concord Winter Market at Cole Gardens. We provide a link to the vendor's web site if there is one.

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East Coast Sales Company

Welcome to East Coast Sales, owned by Jody Wells. Jody works diligently to bring you local New Hampshire pet treats. These all natural treats come from deer, cow, pig, and other local animals which are designed to provide your pet with the nutrients that they need for a healthy life, strong bones, healthy teeth and gums, and more.

Granite Ledge Coffee

Located in historic Canterbury, New Hampshire, Granite Ledge Coffee specializes in producing deliciously fresh roasted specialty grade coffees, at affordable prices, to restaurants, cafes, grocers, wholesale buyers, individuals and Non-Profit organizations who use our custom private labeling services to fuel their fund-raising efforts.

All of our coffee products are freshly roasted to order.

Groovin Granola

Groovin Granola is bassed in Concord, NH.  We make homemade granola using gluten free oats, coconut oil, and maple syrup in all of our recipes.  Our granola goes great in cereal, yogurt, parfaits, or all alone as a delicious snack.
Groovin Granola


Hackleboro Orchards

Hackleboro Orchards is a large and beautiful working farm with many varieties of apples to choose from and plenty of room to roam around!

Bring your camera and comfortable walking shoes and enjoy the fantastic views and quality apple picking! Our farm stand has our own blend of fresh, sweet cider, pre-bagged apples for your convenience, fresh baked goods and much, much more!

You'll also find in season.... Blueberries, Peaches & Nectarines, Plums, Apples (Lots of ‘em!), Bosc Pears, Maple Syrup & Candies, Honey, Pumpkins, Winter Squash and Gourds, Various Produce, Baked Goods, Cornstalks, Cookbooks
Our own fresh (unpasturized) Sweet Cider!

We have free ample parking space, a view-deck to climb and a beautiful scenic picnic area, as well as easy wheelchair access to our farm stand.

Don't forget to visit our farm animals!

Hickory Nut Farm

Our goat milk cheeses are made from the ground up, literally. The hay and
grains that feed our goats are selected and blended according to our
standards and experience and the water for our animals is clear and cool.
Our Ladies are treated with love and respect, and they reward us with the
product of their bodies. As a consequence of good treatment and careful
feeding, their milk has excellent nutritional value, producing varied textures
and subtle flavor profiles; just what the meaning of the word artisanal is all
Our soaps are made the farmstead way by hand, with love from all
natural ingredients - our Ladies milk, coconut, palm, canola and olive
oils. Exfoliates, colorants, clays and scents may be added to further your
special needs soap. Interesting shapes, colors and scented soaps reflect
the seasons, holidays, special occasions,or simply because we find them
to be just plain fun. We offer special custom orders for your party
favors, wedding favors or family preferences. Please allow two months
for your custom orders as we cure soaps for at least a month. No soap
leaves Hickory Nut Farm until the prefect blend is selected for you.

Huckins Farms


Find Real Raw Milk at Huckins Farm

A visit to Huckins Farm in New Hampton feels like stepping back In time.

Located on more than 200 acres of lush, rolling countryside, it has been a working farm since 1784, and has been owned and operated by the Huckins family since 1906. Matty Huckins manages the farm with the help of the family.

What sets Huckins Grade A Dairy Farm apart from other dairy farms is that they produce real (raw) milk, from which they make yogurt and cheese. Raw milk is unpasteurized and, when produced in such a highly sanitized environment, has a delicious flavor. It contains higher levels of valuable probiotics and enzymes, which are lost when milk is pasteurized. The farm vigorously abides by state sanitation levels and inspections.

Once you have tasted “real milk,” as well as yogurt and cheese made from it, you want more. With no additives and no preservatives, real milk products contain a wealth of healthy properties and taste so delicious.

KRM Chocolates LLC

Handmade in New Hampshire using the finest ingredients, our luscious gourmet specialty chocolates now available online are created in small batches and delivered fresh. Try our unique Fruit & Wine Chocolates for a taste sensation that you won't find anywhere else — or choose enduring favorites such as our mouth-watering Chocolate Bark assortments and decadent Hand-Dipped Sandwich Cookies. All are perfect for gifts, parties, corporate events or as an anytime gourmet chocolate treat. You're going to love them!

La Cascade du Chocolat

Never pretentious, always profound.

From simple ingredients like cacao beans, sugar, vanilla, and cream blossom truly exquisite chocolate bars, bonbons, and confections. As beautiful and unique as custom made, fine jewelry and as rich and luxurious as a ribbon of velvet, our vision is one of excellence: marry fine ingredients with fine craftsmanship to create high quality products and customer experiences.

Even with all that, hey, it’s CHOCOLATE! It’s supposed to be yummy and it should always be shared. So, share away and enjoy!

Lewis Farm

The Lewis family has owned and operated this farm since the 1930's. Harry took over the farm in 1990.
The farm sits on 130 acres of pristine land located in Concord, close to the Bow line. We grow a variety of vegetables year round and we offer a variety of services described on our PRODUCTS page.

Lindon Garlic Farm

’m now in my seventh year of growing garlic.  We are very excited that we had over 40 different varieties of softneck and hardneck garlic growing in our fields for 2013.  Most of the varieties are small in amounts at this time in order for us to determine which ones grow best in our soils.  We continue to plant larger numbers of German White and Northern German White which are great tasting Porcelains and will be our mainstay garlic varieties well into the future here at the farm.  However,  for our 2012 harvest we are adding an additional 21 varieties for testing in our soils and climate.  This will bring us up to about 65 different varieties grown in our fields for 2012.  Please be on the lookout for one that we call Rubicon Red which we hope will develop into a remarkable Rocambole for us at the farm.  We had great success in growing it in 2011!