These are the vendors participating in this year's Concord Winter Market at Cole Gardens. We provide a link to the vendor's web site if there is one.

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Local Baskit

Our meal kit provides everything you need to create healthy, delicious meals with fresh, local ingredients. Start by choosing a Baskit style, which you can change any time:


Our recipes change weekly to highlight our farmers’ very best ingredients. Recipes are easy to follow and absolutely delicious!

Working with NH farm partners, we design meals to feature produce at its peak or a unique ingredient you’ll be eager to try. We also feature food artisans who create Best of New Hampshire winning sauces and amazing artisan breads.

Best of all, you’ll get to know and support many New Hampshire growers and producers and their outstanding products.

Meal options suit varying diets (vegetarian, paleo, and gluten free). We clearly mark potential allergens, but complete nutrition information depends on your own pantry additions, such as oils, butter and salt.

We test each recipe several times with our biggest critics -- our families!

Maple Ridge Sugar House

Our Maple Ridge Sugar House farmland is located on Loudon Ridge Road in Loudon, New Hampshire. From the Ridge (our front yard), there are some of the most majestic views around. Folks that travel our road, often pull over to enjoy the spectacular sunsets beyond the Monadnock, Sunapee and Kearsarge Mountain ranges. Each spring over 6000 trees are tapped! The orchards are equipped with vacuum technology that helps draw maple sap from the trees and empties it into large tanks.

Marsh Meadow Bison

Marsh Meadow Bison is a small family farm in central New Hampshire.  Located in the Concord area, we are 30 minutes from Manchester and just over an hour north of Boston. Started by Wally and Katie Archer, Marsh Meadow is a grass roots effort to provide the local community with quality, healthy meats. We raise grass-fed bison (commonly known as buffalo) using low-stress handling techniques.  They are hormone-free and anti-biotic free. We are currently selling meat, organs, bones and hides.  Calves will be available in 2017.

MeadowView Farm
Meghan's Chocolates

MEGHAN'S CHOCOLATES was established in 2008 and had been responsible for providing outstanding Chocolates and Baked Goods ever since. Our regular customers particularly LOVE our "Big As Your Head" Cookies, Kahlua Truffles & Gourmet Cupcakes!!. Our business is located in Weare, N.H...

Micro Mama's

Micro Mama’s offers a solution to the one crucial flaw of the Locavore movement – in colder climates, there is a shorter growing season. Micro Mama’s offers a perfect and delicious solution- extend the life of produce with lacto-fermentation, link the grower directly to the consumer, support and stimulate self-sustaining local economy. It’s a win-win-win situation. Locally grown, produced and consumed living food. The formation of Business Supported Agriculture pods, B-pods, creates a series of networks all working together to stimulate local economy by creating a demand for more varied and plentiful fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Miles Smith Farm

Miles Smith Farm is a 36 acre farm in Loudon, New Hampshire. The 36 acres combines part of a farm owned by Miles Smith in the 1850's and two neighboring farms. Most of the land is pasture. The cattle we raise are naturally raised "free range" and graze on the farm's and leased pastures. Miles Smith Farm currently leases about 150 acres from land owners around the state. All of our cattle are raised in the state of New Hampshire, so our meat is truely "home grown".

We have three beef product lines:

  • Grain Finished Angus: tender and juicy.
  • Grass Finished Angus: healthier and tasty.
  • Grass Finished Scottish Highlander: healthy, less greasy and robust flavor.

Molly Lane Kitchen

Creating unique jams, jellies and condiments using the abundance of fresh fruits and berries in New Hampshire.

Mountain Music Winery

Mountain Music Winery will be selling their Tipsy Treats and smoked peperoni.  Tipsy Treats are a desert topping infused with alcohol that is placed on ice cream, cheesecake and other sweets.  The peperonis is smoked for 14 hours over hickory and cherry.

Mrs. Beasley's Dog Treats LLC

Our Treats are baked with all natural Human-Quality ingredients
* Made in the USA in a registered Bakery.
* Only the best locally grown and raised ingredients go into each and every treat
* Guaranteed Analysis
* Registered with the State of New Hampshire Dept. of Agriculture, Markets & Food
* Baked crisp to help promote teeth cleaning and tarter control.
* 10 Proven Treats baked Daily.
* Treats have a 12 month shelf life
* Baked Daily and Shipped Daily
* We bake our Treats Daily to ensure that you get the freshest product.
* We have a flavor for everyone
* Buy NH "No Sales Tax"