These are the vendors participating in this year's Concord Winter Market at Cole Gardens. We provide a link to the vendor's web site if there is one.

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National Sharpening Co

Catering to the beauty and hair industries,all sizes of chefs knives, National Sharpening Co. offers fast, affordable scissor sharpening for animal groomers and hairdressers alike. We offer blade sharpening for any instrument that cuts hair, shears and scissors of all shapes and sizes, and animal dryers for small dogs, so you can get your salon running smoothly again, no matter what the trouble is. Parts and accessories are also made available, so visit us today to get everything you need!

New Hampshire Mushroom Company

(Vending during the Holiday Season only)
What do a theater arts major from Maine who knows a lot about boats, a bagpipe playing archaeologist with a passion for history, and an amateur astronomer, photographer and self-taught computer geek have in common? Eric Milligan, Dennis Chesley, and Keith Garrett are the co-founders of New Hampshire Mushroom Company, located at 153 Gardner Hill Road, Tamworth, New Hampshire. The three met by chance nearly a decade ago when their common interest in foraging edible wild mushrooms brought them together. They became fast friends, and the trio began talking up the idea of cultivating gourmet exotic mushrooms for a living. On June 14, 2012 they registered with the state as New Hampshire Mushroom Company, LLC. A few weeks later they took occupancy of an existing unused warehouse building and rapidly converted it into the home of the premier mushroom producing operation in New England. Today their business is well known throughout the region for the quality of its fresh, local, and organic mushrooms. The company is on a trajectory for continued innovation, growth and success.

Nila's Chutneys

Nila has been making chutneys for over 30 years for family and friends, and for the last few years we have been adapting chutneys to use with western foods and cooking methods.

Our move to New England inspired Nila to start using local ingredients, such as rhubarb and blueberries, not found in India to broaden our horizons and create new tastes and recipes. We have also developed recipes using Nila’s Chutneys and one or two other ingredients such as wine, beer, cream, etc. to create what we call Chutney+1 or Indifusion cuisine

Northwood Naturals

Northwood Naturals is family owned company that offers a line of skincare products.

Northwood Naturals’ product line was formulated to put nutrients back in the skin that a hectic life style takes away. We offer a wide range of natural and organically derived skin care products from head to toe.

Every bar of soap, lotion, cream or spray is made in Northwood NH. We use Natural and Certified Organic ingredients, You will never find Parabens, Mineral oil, or Alcohol, in any of our products. We are also Gluten and Soy Free.

We believe in supporting the local economy. We get our Bee’s wax & Raw Honey for our lip balm, the Raw Goat milk for our soaps and the Organic Herbs used in our lotions and creams from local New England Farms. If we don’t want it on our skin we don’t want it on yours.

Patty's Guacamole

For over four years Patty's Guacamole has been offering home made guacamole in Farmer's Markets. Because guacamole is one of those foods that is best when fresh, the actual making is done in the booth and offered for immediate sale. Long favored as a dip, guacamole is often used as a sandwich spread, on grilled chicken and other meats, and on salads as well. Patty's Guacamole's recipe is based on the what has become known as the traditional Mexican version that includes Serrano or Jalapeno peppers, fresh cilantro, Roma tomatoes, white onion, fresh squeezed lime juice and seasoning

Popzup Popper


The Popzup Popper is a safe, chemical free, totally new way to microwave air pop popcorn is naturally delicious. Popzup popcorn is certified non-GMO, gluten free, high in fiber with antioxidants, 100% whole grain, cholesterol free.


Popzup Pure Infused Sea Salt Popcorn Flakes are mixed with pure Ingredients and solar dehydrated for fresh, briny flavor. Try our Lemon, Sriracha, Matcha, Curry, Smoked Maple, and Truffle Sea Salts.


Porkside Farm

Our family has been farming in Henniker since 1799. We breed our own pigs and do our own processing and smoking. Our pigs never get antibiotics and our products do not contain preservatives or fillers.

Red Fox Farm

Red Fox Farm is perched on a mineral rich Ridge in the pristine Lakes Region of New Hampshire. We specialize in herbs and medicinals, which are grown on our 100 acres in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. A long-standing member of NOFA Northeast Organic Farming Assoc., we use no chemicals or poisons on our gardens or land. Have fun peeking at our selection of products.

Rock Salt Creamery

We're NUTS!!! Our Ice cream is made with organic cashews and it's vegan. No artificial anything. Taste??? You won't believe it's not dairy!

Rollin in the Dough

Locally made baked goods, scones, muffins.