These are the vendors participating in this year's Concord Winter Market at Cole Gardens. We provide a link to the vendor's web site if there is one.

Click on one of the vendors below for a list of the products they will have available at our markets.

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Vegetable Ranch LLC

A local source of high quality certified organic produce for more than twenty years. From lettuce to tomatoes, spinach to potatoes, from broccoli to squash and peppers, the farmers at the Vegetable Ranch LLC grow more than 40 heirloom and New England vegetables with good nutrition and a healthy environment in mind.

Will n' Roses

Begun in 2004, Will n' Rose's has grown from a small cottage kitchen rooted in local farmers' markets into a thriving company selling in health food stores, wellness centers, cafes, and farms stands in New England.

Our product line features whole and minimally processed foods made in a wise and traditional manner without synthetic ingredients, GMOs, 'puffed' grains, or hydrogenated oils. Our foods are vegetarian & vegan (although some do contain honey from free-range bees.)