Chef's Kitchen View

Korean Ginger Chicken

The Concord Coop's Chef Scott Jones will demonstrate who to prepare Korean Ginger Chicken HERE

Mama's Silly Dilly Dip

WMUR's Cook's Corner
Stephanie, from Micro Mamas shows of a simple but tasty dip for your party guests. Click here

Scones with mosaic oatmeals

Pressure-Cooker Pot Roast

 WMUR's Cook's Corner
Carole Soule of Miles Smith Farm shows how you can use a pressure cooker to quickly make a tasty pot roast. Watch here



Egg Salad

WMUR's Cook's Corner
Red Fox Farm makes Egg Salad-Click Here

The Soup Guy - Creamy Potato and Celery Soup

WMUR's Cook's Corner
Watch the Soup Guy create creamy Potato and Celery Soup here.

Wozz! Kitchen Creations - Lettuce Wraps

WMUR's Cook's Corner
Watch Wozz! make delicious lettuce wraps here.

Cascade Brook Farm - Beef Stew

WMUR's Cook's Corner
Watch Cascade Brook Farm create tantalizingly delicious beef stew here.