Blackwater Mustard

The mustard is hot and sweet, comes in an 8 ounce jar, needs no refrigeration before opening. Hand made in small batches in the Blackwater District of Contoocook. It's great on brats, burgers and dogs as well as ham or as a companion for pretzels and beer. Use to create a glaze for chicken or fish, and add to soups and stews for extra zip!

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16th Market Day 2-25-17

Whether you're trying to catch up on that great novel you received for Christmas, or have a stack of cookbooks waiting for your attention, we are big advocates of curling up with a steaming cup of your favorite beverage and a tray of wholesome goodies. The Winter Farmers' Market features several vendors who can fill your warm, toasty beverage needs, and a wide range of delicious snacks. And they have all been carefully prepared locally by dedicated growers and artisans.

Live Music- Decatur Creek

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