Cascade Brook Farm, LLC

Cascade Brook Farm, LLC is a Black Angus Farm located in North Sutton and New London in the Lake Sunapee Region of New Hampshire. It includes 178+ owned acres devoted to best practices as they relate to the welfare and care of our livestock, wildlife, water, forest and grasslands. We strive to produce the best beef available anywhere while adhering to strict breeding and grass feeding protocols. Our cows receive only the finest of grasses, whether in the pasture or in the hay feeder while living a simple and stress free existence.

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Beat the Mid-Winter Blues

You've been hibernating since New Year's Day, haven't you? It's easy to do, it's cold and snowy and winter gear is a nuisance. We promise that coming to the Winter Farmers' Market will open your eyes to a whole new shopping experience; our vendors work hard to produce delicious, quality food and will greet you with a smile and share enthusiastic, intimate knowledge of their wares. All this in a warm, color-filled greenhouse will lift the winter doldrums and make shopping fun!

Resolve to Eat Healthy in 2014

Ask ten people what healthy eating means to them, and you'll likely get ten different answers. But they may agree on a few simple things, such as avoiding fat, sugar, and processed foods. Farmers' markets are an excellent way to get on the path to healthier eating, by offering a variety of vegetables and fruits, pasture-raised meat, and minimally-processed meals. And by buying local, you know that the food you're eating comes from trusted sources a short drive away. Visit us from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Cole Gardens in Concord and get on track in 2014.

Happy New Year!

Congratulations, you survived the holidays! Start 2014 off right with a trip to the Winter Farmers' Market and replenish your pantry with healthy, locally-produced meat, vegetables and fruit, dairy, and baked goods. After working so hard to make the holidays memorable for others, treat yourself to the best that New Hampshire farmers and artisans have to offer!

Side of Black Angus Beef


A complete side, cut to your specifications, of our 100% Grass Fed Premium, Purebred, Black Angus. Sides can range in size, but ours are typically around 325 lbs hanging weight. Our price is per lb of the hanging weight and includes all USDA processing, cutting and packaging. Pickup at our farm (no charge) or we can deliver to your door in our custom built freezer trailer at the prevailing IRS mileage rate.  Call (603)927.4013 or write for details.

Price: $6.09

Beef Heart


Heart from our 100% Grass Fed Premium Black Angus. Email us at for recipes to accompany your order.

Price: $6.00



Liver from our 100% Grass Fed Premium Black Angus. Saute, grill or broil. Email us at for recipes to accompany your order.

Price: $7.00

Beef Tongue


Tongue from our Black Angus. Email us at for recipes to accompany your order.

Price: $6.00



Small packages of marrow bones from our 100% grass fed, purebred Black Angus.

The picture below is of "Jimmy's" (our herd sire) dad "Big Eye". At the time of Jimmy's birth, Big Eye was one of the leading Black Angus sires in the world for carcass traits - marbling, tenderness and rib eye area. These traits follow though in his progeny. We are proud to be able to provide this unparalleled beef to our customers.

Price: $0.80

Top Round Steak - Boneless


1 1/2" thickness 100% Grass Fed Premium Black Angus. Email us at for recipes to accompany your order.

Price: $7.50

Tenderloin/Filet Mignon


1 1/2" thickness 100% Grass Fed Premium Black Angus. Our filets are well marbled and absolutely delicious. Email us at for recipes to accompany your order.  

Price: $22.00


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